Fentanyl Accession Number: DB00813  (APRD00347, DB05853, DB06055, DB06220, DB05564)

Type: Small Molecule

Groups: Approved, Illicit, Investigational, Vet approved

Description: A potent narcotic analgesic, abuse of which leads to habituation or addiction. It is primarily a mu-opioid agonist. it’s also used as an adjunct to general anesthetics, and as an anesthetic for induction and maintenance. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p1078)




  • 1-Phenethyl-4-(N-phenylpropionamido)piperidine
  • 1-phenethyl-4-N-propionylanilinopiperidine
  • Fentanil
  • Fentanila
  • Fentanilo
  • Fentanyl CII
  • Fentanylum
  • N-(1-phenethyl-4-piperidinyl)-N-phenylpropionamide
  • N-(1-phenethyl-4-piperidyl)propionanilide
  • N-(1-Phenethyl-piperidin-4-yl)-N-phenyl-propionamide
  • N-(1-phenethylpiperidin-4-yl)-N-phenylpropionamide
  • N-phenethyl-4-(N-propionylanilino)piperidine
  • N-phenyl-N-(1-(2-phenylethyl)-4-piperidinyl)propanamide
  • Phentanyl

External IDs

AD 923/ AD-923/ IDS-NF-001/ McN-JR 4263-49/ N02AB03/ R 4263/ R 5240Product Ingredients